Acute Liver Failure

Acute Liver Failure Treatment in India : Treatment, Symptoms & Causes

Acute Liver failure is just like it sounds, its sudden, its drastic and most of the time, the patients do not have any pre existing detrimental issue of the organ. Once this failure sets in, there are 2 to 4 weeks left before the liver is completely damaged. The reasons behind such an acute condition are as follows:

  1. Acute hepatitis B,E or A: This infection can spread in a person within a span of few days. However, as he condition is acute, chances to get rid of it are easy in the initial stages. However, if the virus stays in for about 2 to 3 months, this acute issue can become chronic.
  2. Acetaminophen: While the drug itself is safe, even during liver issues, over dosage or regular consumption can cause a severe damage to the organ, most of the time causing acute liver failure.
  3. Paracetamol: This drug to curb of the fever symptoms can also cause liver failure if an individual overdoses on it.  
  4. Antituburcolouses treatment: The drug administered during this treatment effects the enzyme production of the liver. In severe cases, and also the rare ones (about 4 to 11 %), the enzyme production can really take a hit and if not taken into account at the right time, can also cause acute liver failure.
  5. Rat Poison: Rat poison, or Rodenticide is a very powerful anticoagulation agent and not only blood, but it can also soften the enzymes causing them to be broken down rapidly. Consequently, the liver function is affected and in most cases, ALF is a possibility.

Non surgical treatment for this issue

While patient’s at time think that the first and the only shot to deal with ALF is transplant, the case is not as nearly as dramatic. To that end, following are the non-surgical treatment methods to deal with ALF:

  1. Antitoxin to reverse the poisoning: If either Rodenticide of acetaminophen is responsible for the ALF, doctors can use certain chemicals to counteract the poison and save the liver. For the case of Acetaminophen, the medication used to deal with this is acetylcysteine. Similar is the case with Rodenticide and can be counter acted with drugs. However, time is major factor here and therefore, should be taken care for at the earnest.
  2. Medication to treat infection: If the liver shows signs of the earlier stages of Hepatitis B, A or E, then proper medication to counteract the infection is also a solution.
  3. Medication to halt the fluid build-up: In order to prevent cerebral edema that happens because of the ALF, can also be managed by medication.

There are options such as the above to deal with ALF. However, most of the medications are meant as a preventive measure and when the circumstances are on a continuous path of deterioration, lung transplant remains the only options.  

Liver Transplant

Liver transplant is a form of surgery that is needed to be conducted if the ALF has damaged more than 80% of the organ. When that happens, the entire organ is removed from the patient and the transplant is done. There are two types of liver transplants on the basis of the mortal state of the donors:

  1. Deceased Donor: If the donor is clinically brain dead, by that we mean that all the involuntary functions in their body are done via the machines and there is no brain activity to speak of, then the donor is called the deceased donor.
  2. Living Donor: As the name suggests, in this case, the donor is living.  Here, about 70 % of the liver is taken out from the donor. The donor’s liver then regenerates over a period of half or one month. When it comes to India, the donors that are mostly acquired are the living ones. 

We understand the gravity of the circumstance that the liver transplant entails. To that end, we make sure that:

  1. Everything is handled in a timely manner.
  2. The liver is well preserved by our dedicated staff.
  3. The success rates of the surgery always remains high (Our current success rate is 93%)

Rapid evaluation of the patients is done so that they can get timely transplant.


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