Liver Diseases Treatment

Liver Diseases Treatment

Liver diseases tend to hide from the sight when they are initially presents.  To that end, the only times it is easy to ascertain about the disease and curing them is based upon the timing of their symptoms. To this, one can say that the liver diseases treatment tend to be symptomatic. These symptoms might include the following:

  1. Constant fatigue
  2. Lethargy which is also constant.
  3. Pain that is per5sistent.
  4. Weight loss that cannot be explained.
  5. Painful episode in the abdominal region.

To that end, if you encounter any of the symptoms given above, you should see the doctor as early as possible.

Diagnosis of a Liver Disease

As we have already mentioned, liver diseases treatment tend to be symptomatic. To that end, same is the story when it comes to the matter of diagnosis. Furthermore, a deep look is also taken into the history of the patient to ascertain the history of the patient. It is using this history, the current cause of the symptoms are extrapolated from. To that end, it is easy to ascertain as whether the liver disease is alcoholic or non alcoholic. Now, comes the matter of inflammation. For checking this, the following types of blood tests are undertaken.

  1. Testing for Alt and AST for liver cell inflammation
  2. Test of Alkaline phosphate and GGT
  3. Bilirubin test(the chemical responsible for colouring the urine)
  4. Protein and Albumin levels check.
  5. CBC: Complete Blood count.
  6. Monitoring the blood clotting.
  7. Checking the pancreatic inflammation.
  8. Tests to check for ammonia levels in the blood.
  9. MRI scan, CT scan and other imaging tests.

Treatment of Liver Disease

As the liver diseases are so varied, each and every one of them entails their own separate treatment regimen.

  • To deal with Hepatitis A, intensive care is provided for the purpose of making sure that the body is always hydrated and the infections are always fought against.
  • Cirrhosis treatment entails consumption of a protein and the sodium rich diet to make sure that the liver doesn’t get involve in too many toxins and there are signs of inflammation anymore.
  • When it comes to large amounts of fluids in the abdomen, fluid removal is performed.
  • Portal hypertension treatment to reduce the risk of bleeding.
  • Transplant is also a form of treatment when it comes to acute liver failure diseases in cases where he organ has given up fully.

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