Liver Diseases in Children

How to Deal with Liver Diseases in Children?

When it comes to the matter of liver disease in children, the causes can be anywhere from bad diet to bad genetics. What is important here is to study the symptoms of these diseases and consult the doctor just when there is a sign of a red flag.

Symptoms of Liver Diseases in Children

The symptoms that the liver diseases show tend to extremely different between individuals. This goes two-fold when it comes to the matter of liver disease in children. Therefore, it is necessary that as a parent, you keep an eye on your child’s health and consult the doctor right away if you encounter any of the following symptoms:

  1. Loss of hunger: The presence of this symptom in the children can have a detrimental effect on their growth. Loss of hunger would cause to malnutrition and can affect them in future as well. 
  2. Stool has no colour; The presence of pale stool indicates that the liver is not making enough amounts of Bilirubin which is basically responsible for the stool colour.
  3. The child bleeds and bruises easily: This is the indicator that there is a serious lack of vitamin K in the system. Also, this symptoms of also indicative that vitamin k is not utilized properly by the liver
  4. Fractures: Liver diseases can cause the bones of the body to be less thick and as a consequence, fractures are common. Al though not an indicative, it is right to point this out.

When do you need to consult?

While the symptoms mentioned are quite indicative (except the last one), if your child is suffering from any of the following, you should get to the doctor as soon as possible.

  1. Jaundice like symptoms where the skin and the eyes are yellowish
  2. Dark or light coloured urine
  3. Pain in the abdomen
  4. Fever that is low and constant
  5. Enlarged liver can swell the abdomen.

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