Hepatitis E

Hepatitis E Treatment in India: Causes, Signs and Diagnosis

Much like the A variant of hepatitis, Hepatitis E is also one of the most common infections of liver. The reason behind this infection is the hepatitis E Virus. Unlike the A variant of the virus, this one infects a person in either their prime (young) or later (middle) stages. The severity of the infection evolves with age. That being said, the disease is commonly prevalent in pregnant woman with the mortality rate of 15 to 20 percent.

Causes of Hepatitis E

As the primary cause of this disease is viral, one can easily surmise that it can infect via exposure to the virus. To that end, following are the causes of Hepatitis E.

  1. Close contact with the infected individual.
  2. Contaminated water.
  3. Exposure to faecal matter.
  4. Unsanitary living conditions.

Symptoms of Hepatitis E

 The symptoms of this particular liver disease are as follows:

  1. Fatigue accompanied by nausea and occasional vomiting.
  2. Pain in the abdominal region, especially beneath the lower ribs.
  3. There is an immense loss of hunger.
  4. Urine has dark coloration.
  5. Constant yet, mild fever.
  6. Pain in the joints.
  7. Jaundice like symptoms on the skin (yellow skin and yellow eyes)

Diagnosis of Hepatitis E

Being a symptomatic condition, the diagnosis of hepatitis E involves observing these symptoms:

  1. Blood test: One of the most common tests for hepatitis is the blood test.
  2. Antibodies test: if the body develops antibodies like lgM and lgG HEV, then it is an indicator that the body is infected by the virus. This test is taken into account because there types of antibodies are formed to combat the symptoms of hep E.

Treatment of Hepatitis E

The treatment men of hepatitis E involve the following:

  1. Medication to prevent further liver damage.
  2. Dietary control for the same.
  3. Hospitalization for the late stage symptoms.

If the hep E is on its penultimate stage, liver transplantation might be the only viable treatment option.


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