Causes & Risk Factors

Liver Diseases Causes and Risk Factors

A liver is strongest gland in the body made up of the strongest and the most resilient tissues of the body. To that end, this particular organ is responsible to maintain the body, keeping the body free from any sort of chemicals and detriments. Furthermore, its intrinsic ability to reproduce damages cells makes it the most important organ of the body.

However, even this organ has a limit. To that end, when liver or compelled to produce cells at a strenuous rate, there comes a time where the liver can suffer some damage or inflammation at which point it won’t be able to function properly.

Causes of Liver Diseases

Following are the reasons as to why issues happen with this organ:

  1. Inflammation in the cells, which end up giving rise to hepatitis.
  2. The production of bile juice is affected that can cause cholestasis.
  3. If not proper taken care of diet, cholesterol can elevate and get accumulated causes steatosis.
  4. If the blood velocity is way too high in the portal vein, it can rupture.
  5. Over consumption of alcohol can put strain on liver where the toxins are just too much for the liver to deal with.
  6. Another cause of liver diseases can also be because of cancer cell infiltration in the liver.

Risk Factors of Liver Disease

The factors where the condition of the titular organ can escalate are the following:  

  1. Alcoholism: If you are over consuming alcohol, the risk of liver disease is much higher in you than the person next to you.
  2. Exposure to certain types of chemicals: If there is an outpour of harmful chemicals in the body, the liver might not be able to deal with them all and would fail.
  3. Long term medication usage (like paracetamol): The fever medication called paracetamol might be helpful when it comes to dropping the body temperature, but is a detriment to the liver if taken exploitatively.
  4. Use of illegal drugs
  5. Diabetic patients have a high chance of a failed organ.
  6. Being overweight is a detriment to the organ.

You can also get the detail about the treatment of liver disease here.


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