Alcoholic Liver Disease

Alcoholic Liver Disease: Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis & Treatment

Alcoholic Liver disease (ALD), as the name suggests, is the disease of the liver that occurs when there is an excessive amount of alcoholic consumption by an individual.

Causes of Alcoholic Liver Disease

When the body over indulges with alcohol, there is a strain put on the liver as the organ is not able to produce enough proteins to filter out the toxins of the alcohol. Eventually, these toxins cause scarring of the liver tissue. When this happens, it starts out with a fatty liver and via alcoholic hepatitis; it finally emerges as alcoholic cirrhosis.  

Symptoms of Alcoholic Liver Disease

There are multiple stages of symptoms when it comes to alcoholic liver disease. It starts out with the following symptoms:

  1. Fatigue
  2. Nausea
  3. Weakness
  4. Pain in the abdomen
  5. Palms have a distinct redness.

However, later down the live, this progresses into the following symptoms that include:

  1. Ascites: Fluid build up in the abdomen
  2. Jaundice: yellowness in the skin and eyes.
  3. Blood vessels appear to be spider like on the skin.
  4. Swelling of chest and testicle shrinking.
  5. Easy to bruise4 and bleed
  6. Stool does not have any colour.

Diagnosis of the disease

  1. Using the Maddrey Index: Using this measurement, the doctors can get the range and the severity of the liver disease.
  2. Medical examination like urine and blood test to check the effects of alcohol on the blood stream and body fluids.

Treatment of Alcoholic Liver Disease

  1. The Basis of treatment of alcoholic liver disease is based on the Maddrey Index. If this happens to be more than 32, the patients would need a steroid treatment.
  2. If the cirrhosis level is beyond the threshold limit, the only cure remaining is the liver transplant.

I hope you also intersted to know about the symptoms of liver disease in children.


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